HERE COMES SUMMER! Are your feet ready to follow?

By Cherie Griffiths, RCRT™

As we spring into summer, most parts of Canada have finally surrendered to the breathtaking views of landscapes and its natural elements … and being able to spend more time outdoors.
Visions of garden paths, forested trails, lakeside living, rocky mountains and sandy beaches all require healthy feet and stability to walk upon earth’s terrain. Even our concrete jungles open new territory that allows us to plant our feet, and walk again—free of the restriction of often icy sidewalks and boots that also keep our feet in hibernation.

But wait, are your Feet Ready?
The problem underlying the lack of movement over winter (and feet that have relied on thick padded soles of boots) is that the feet lose their natural ability to sense stimuli through the receptors that guide us along safely. This is especially important when walking on uneven ground. The soles sensory receptors become diminished in optimum function. The skin of the feet become thinner and the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the feet and lower legs that support the body can also become weakened. The design of many shoes and boots propel the toes at an angle that is also not in alignment of the natural function of the toes. Transition and preparation from feet that have been locked up in boots and shoes for far too long can benefit from care, to enjoy the adventures of summer that have long awaited us.

Reflexology offers a gentle and harmonious way to get the feet and entire body in alignment to participate in the adventure of summer activities while it stimulates nature through the movements of the practitioner’s fingers and hands. Blood circulation is improved to the rest of the body’s tissues and the sensitive nerve receptors on the soles prepare for natural movement. A session or more will often help to prevent injury, reduce the pain and bring awareness of uneven territory. Not all beaches are level, not all sidewalks are free of cracks, not all forest trails are root free. Reflexology may also help individuals who are often in their mind to create more awareness of their feet and prepare them to walk along their summer pathways.

An invitation to reach out to your local Reflexology Therapist, ask questions and allow them to be your guide in preparation of your fondest summer activities.

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