Writing Reflexology Receipts

Feedback from insurance companies

As an avid advocate for reflexology, RAC contacted insurance companies to learn more about what they would prefer to see on an RCRT™’s receipt.

2022 EN receipt booklet mockup

The above is an illustration of the necessary information to include on a standard reflexology receipt issued by a RCRT™ . Things to consider:


    • ✓ The provider is the RCRT™ providing the reflexology session. 

    • ✓ The date of service refers to the date the reflexology session was delivered (not
      necessarily when the session was paid for).

  • ✓ The address should be the therapist’s business address. If a therapist has multiple
    business addresses, the therapist should use the address of the location where the
    reflexology session was conducted. If the therapist provides mobile reflexology services,
    the therapist should use their primary business address.

If an RCRT™ offers services other than reflexology, their RCRT™ number or the RCRT™ logo
should not be included on that receipt.

If an RCRT™ is combining services, and the majority of the service provided is reflexology, a
reflexology receipt will do.

RCRT™ should be upfront and transparent to clients about the type of receipts that they are issuing.

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