Insurance coverage

Is Reflexology Covered?

Yes, reflexology is covered by a number of insurance plans across Canada.

Clients must check their individual insurance plan to determine if reflexology is covered in your plan, and if so, how much reflexology coverage do you have.

Each health insurance plan will be different. For example, some plans may say that 80% of the cost of each reflexology session is covered. While other plans may only cover $25.00 per each reflexology session. Also, many insurance plans will cover reflexology under a wellness spending account, so it is also good to ask your insurance plan administrator if you have one!

In general, Employers make the decisions on what is covered and on what basis. Some things to note:
• Not all plans cover the same health services or the same amount of services.
• Employers may have different plans for different employee groups (unionized, management, etc.)
• Plan designs can vary. Examples include: Traditional Benefit Plans, Flexible Benefit Plans, Healthcare Spending Accounts, Voluntary Benefits

If reflexology is not included in your plan, please as your plan administrator to have “Reflexology done by a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT™ )” added to your group health insurance.

✅ Sample Letters for Clients

Please feel free to use the following template letters to ask your Employer, Union, or Insurance Firm to add Reflexology done a by a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT™ ) to your benefits package.

Letters are customizable!

Sampler Letter to HR Department

Sample Letter to Insurance Firm

Sample Letter to Union or Professional Association

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