How to become a Licensed Canadian Reflexology Teacher (LCRT)

RAC no longer offers any courses, but the teachers & teacher trainers who used to be contracted by us now have the opportunity to license the right to teach using RAC materials. You can see a list of the, now, Licensed Canadian Reflexology Teachers (LCRT’s) and Licensed Canadian Reflexology Teacher Trainers (LCRTT’s) on our website.

To be eligible to be an LCRT, we require you to:

🔸Be a RAC Professional Member in good standing.

🔸Be certified to teach the modalities which you are interested in licensing. Current modalities available for licensing are Core Reflexology, Foot Reflexology, Hand Reflexology and Ear Reflexology.

🔸Have succeeded an anatomy & physiology course within the last 5 years. Courses with 40+ hours are preferred but courses with 20+ hours are accepted. Courses may be online or distance learning courses, but we need a copy of a certificate of completion and, somewhere, the number of course hours involved needs to be shown.

🔸Have current professional liability insurance.

🔸Have current certification in First Aid and CPR/AED. Standard/Advanced First Aid is preferred but Emergency/Basic is accepted. Level C (Children) CPR is preferred but level A (Adults) is accepted.

🔸Have (easy and regular) access to a computer with internet access. This is RAC’s primary means of communication. There are no exceptions to this criterion.

🔸Not have a criminal record, not have any pending criminal charges and not be on any abuse registries.

Notably, eligibility doesn’t guarantee acceptance. There is an application process and a peer review that eligible candidates must go through to determine whether the approval to license is to be granted or not.

If you’re interested in pursuing training to become a reflexology teacher, please visit our website in the to view the list of teacher trainers offering courses.


If you have any other questions,

please feel free to contact our Professional Development Manager, Ines Hardtke, at 204-477-4909 ext. 201 or