RCRT™ Exam

Assessment of Knowledge and Skills

As of January 2019, all prospective professional members will need to register for, take, and pass an RCRT™ Exam to qualify to become Professional Members of the RAC.

🔸 To be eligible for the RCRT™ Exam, you must be certified in the core theory of reflexology -and- a qualifying reflexology technique.

🔸 A list of recognized core and technique certification courses may be found on RAC’s web site. If your training is not part of this list, please read through for the topics we consider part of the core and technical curricula.

The RCRT™ Exam is based on five components

Technical Knowledge

which refers to the common body of knowledge applicable to the profession of Reflexology as constituted through explanatory theories, doctrines, scientific and/or scholarly research, and applied principles.

Practical Knowledge

which refers to the insight, personal skills, judgment, perceptiveness, and assisting the professional in applying what they know to different situations.

Interpersonal Quality

which refers to how ethically responsible interactions between different parties are conducted.


which refers to the efforts the professional takes to protect the interest of the public, other members of the Association as well as the Association.


which refers to the situation in which the practice or task must be accomplished.

Each component has a series of criteria
that will be evaluated through the following

Education Academic Assessment
This refers to the academic component of a reflexology course. RCRT candidates must demonstrate that certain criteria have been learned.

Education Clinical Assessment
This refers to the series of case histories that RCRT candidates must complete during their educational training to demonstrate that they understand how to assess and document treatments with a variety of clients.

RCRT Registration Exam – Written Component
This refers to the written assessment that all RCRT™ candidates must complete demonstrating their core knowledge of reflexology.

RCRT Registration Exam – Practical Component
Refers to the practical assessment that all RCRT™ candidates must complete to demonstrate the application of their reflexology technique as they pertain to a client.

Application Guidelines

You may apply for the RCRT™ Exam online, but your application won’t be considered “complete” until we receive all of the following:

  • A completed application form including payment.
  • A copy of your certificate(s).
    One certificate if your training was a combined core + technique training otherwise, one certificate for the core training and one for the technique that you will use in your practical exam.
  •  A copy of your transcript.
    RAC requires 80% on the theory/core part of your certification and 80% on the practical part of your certification. We also require proof of your having completed at least assessed 50 case study sessions during your practicum.
For courses not accredited by RAC, we also need the following: 
  •  A copy of your course curriculum (or curricula)
    I.e. a list of topics that were covered.
  •  A copy of the chart for the technique you will use in the practical exam.
    Please make sure that the reflexes are labelled and that these labels are legible.
  •  A summary copy of the methodology/protocol/routine for the technique you will use in the practical exam.
    A one or two-page summary is preferred.
  •  A summary copy of the standards of practice for the technique you will use in the practical exam.
    A one or two-page summary is preferred.

✅ Once we have received your complete application, we will review your file and let you know whether or not you are eligible to take the RCRT™ Exam.

✅ For more information, please download our RCRT™ Exam guidelines below.

Steps to becoming an RCRT ™

1. Apply to take the RCRT ™ Exam.

Complete the online application and upload all required documentation.

Please note: The RCRT™ Exam is a professionalism assessment. How you conduct yourself via phone, emails, etc., from the moment you submit your application for approval until you complete the exam, can count towards your final grade.

2. Be approved

On acceptance with payment of your Exam fees, you will receive a digital copy of:

🔹 RAC’s Code of Conduct and Ethics
🔹 RAC’s Standards of Practice
🔹 A Exam study guide workbook

3. Book and Prepare for your Exam

Book to take your RCRT ™ Exam with an approved RCRT ™ Examiner.

Please note all exams must be booked at least two (2) weeks in advance.   

The written and practical components may be taken on different days.  If, exceptionally, you must schedule each component with a different examiner, there is an additional fee of $30.00 + tax. 

4. Receive notification

You will receive notification of your interim mark(s) within 15 business days of the Exam date.

5. Become a Professional Member

On successful completion of the RCRT ™ Examyou will receive an invitation to join RAC as a Professional Member.

As a professional member in good standing you have the right use the RCRT ™ designation.