Registration vs Certification

What’s the Difference – Certification vs Registration?


is the process of when a certification body
(school, course provider, training facility etc.)
issues a certificate proving that an individual
is compliant with a specific standard. Usually,
to become certified, an individual must meet
eligibility requirements and pass an exam.
Certification occurs upon the passing of your
exams when you first become a reflexology


Is when a certification is registered with a
professional body.

Registration occurs when
you become a Professional Member of the
Reflexology Association of Canada and are
issued your Registered Canadian
Reflexology Therapist (RCRT™) number.

The goal of registration is to ensure that
the individuals have the minimal degree of
competency necessary to ensure that public
health and safety are protected.

To become registered, one usually has to
meet eligibility requirements and pass an
assessment that covers a broad range of
knowledge and skills, usually at the entry level
(i.e. The RCRT™ Exam).