We’re Working to Update Your Profile

If you check out your profile on the Members Section of the website, you’ll see that we’re updating the Continuing Education (CE) part of it.


You will now see the following:

  • CE Cycle  This is the number of the cycle you’re currently in. I.e. If you see a “2”, you are working in your 2nd cycle.
  • CE Cycle Start Date  The start date of your current cycle.
  • CE Cycle End Date  The end date of your current cycle I.e. This is the deadline for your CE submission for this cycle.
  • Number of CEU’s Due  This is that total number of CEU’s due at your cycle end date. Although the CE obligation for Professional Members is proof of having gathered, at least, 30 CEU’s every 3 years, moving everyone’s end dates to the end of the December means that some cycles are slightly shorter than 3 years (and these members owe fewer CEU’s) and some cycles are longer than 3 years (and these members owe more CEU’s). So, please make sure that you check out the number of CEU’s you will owe at the end of your current cycle.
  • CEU’s Logged To Date  This is the number of CEU’s you already have logged for your current cycle. As your CEU’s are submitted and reviewed, this number is updated.


And, until we update everyone’s records, it might be that you see the old information under the new field names. We will get to you. We promise.


If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact us by phone (204-477-4909) or email (continuingeducation@reflexologycanada.org).