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Hello Readers,

What a warm summer we have had in Canada this year! After a busy couple of months trying to stay cool, we have released our new national awareness campaign to help members of our reflexology community rebuild and reconnect with clients. Read more about the campaign on page 4.

Many of us have been longing to hug our family, neighbours, and friends. Touch is now more important than ever. RCRT™s are especially well-placed to meet the needs of Canadians craving for that healing touch. Read more about the importance of touch on page 6.

We’ve had a great time over the past few months with our online post-conference workshop series. We’re excited to announce even more webinars and workshops are now available for both RAC Members and non-members alike. Read more on pages 14 – 15.

Hope you enjoy this edition of Refresh. As always, we welcome submissions from our readers. We want to hear from you! Feel free to send potential articles and ideas to:


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Team RAC