Multireflexology – Dien Chan, the original method of facial reflexology

By: Patryck Aguilar


The “Dien Chan” is a reflexology technique based on the modern occidental theories and the oriental philosophy

During the 1980s, Professor Bùi Quôc Châu, Vietnamese acupuncture, did a clinical work on millions of addicts in Saigon. Thanks to this important numbers of patients he used his theories and found some fixed points in the face which affect our organs and some parts of the body. While stimulating those points, he discovered that these points are concrete regulators that affect some area of the organism.

Professor Bùi Quôc Châu establishes a “point chart” and replaces his acupuncture needles with a detector that consists of a stem with a round top that doesn’t penetrate the skin. We will name those fixed points of is chart “points bqc” after his inventor.
The Multireflexology – Dien Chan is the original method of the facial reflexology.


The chart of the facial points

The Dien Chan is Multireflexology because the point sets bqc define a lot of reflection schemes that are tie to different parts of the body and provide a lot of regulator effects.

For example, the point bqc 87 that’s in the middle of the shin reflects in the same time the feet and the bladder. It help treating also some muscular troubles, back pain and allergies.


The Diagrams of Dien Chan

The Dien Chan is a technique that refers to multiple therapeutic currents. We are also using the diagrams to stimulate the energy channels like the meridian of the traditional Chinese medicine. (TCM)
For example, the TCM shows us that anxieties are related to the energy of the spleen. In Dien Chan, we stimulate the spleen zone of the internal diagram to release its meridian.


The Chan’beauty, the therapeutic aesthetic technique

Improve outer beauty while rebalancing the inside. We apply our knowledge in “Dien Chan” to complete our beauty treatments: wrinkles, blemishes, scars, cellulite, and water retention among others.

We know that the facial skin is an important source of information of the state of our health. We have always checked the tone, the brightness and texture as reference on our general health state. The “Chan’beauty” offers a new way to see the face and offer therapeutic tools to act more deeply.
Usually our clients informed us about their pain while receiving a facial beauty treatment. With an elementary training in facial reflexology, we manage to treat the outer beauty while rebalancing the inside. We enjoy the aesthetic work to relieve the pain and rebalance the energy flow of the body.

All those years of experience in facial diagnostics helps us understand how to reach the source of the unbalances that cause moles, wrinkles, dimples, scars and the dark spots on our face and body.

All these traces, sometimes unsightly, informed us about possible internal unbalances and show us our past or present weaknesses. The location of these imperfections is not random and the “Dien Chan” helps us interpret with precision and allows us to design personalized treatments.

This consists to use the “Dien Chan” diagrams of reflection in a bidirectional way. Work both: the local area and the reaction area, through the face. We add a therapeutic dimension to the beauty treatment reinforced. This projection exercise of the reflexology becomes automatism whenever we observe and communicate with our clients.

Patryck Aguilar was born in Toulouse (France) in 1968 and is living in Barcelona (Spain) since 1986. Working as a graphic designer, Patryck Aguilar Cassarà met Professor Bùi Quôc Châu in 2001 in Barcelona. He immediately developed a passionate interest in the Professor’s research and assisted him in popularizing Dien Chan in Europe. He undertook the important task of structuring the teaching material, the first major step being the publication of the Dien Chan manual, and organized the first course given by Professor Châu in Barcelona. Working with Professor Châu and his children (therapists at the Vietydao Center) to continue disseminating the technique, he runs the club of Dien Chan, bringing together Professor Châu’s former students around the world, and set up the first team of European trainers.

Since 2002, The International Institute of Multireflexology ensure the disclosure and the teaching of the original method of facial reflexology: the Multireflexology – Dien Chan.

Our long collaboration with Professor Bùi Quôc Châu and other experienced therapists, our publications in different languages and the interactive application of “Faceasit” are the guarantee of a serious training without simplification or interpretation.

We believe that information is not a good unless we are offering our teaching talent.

The next training will be provided by Patryck Aguilar, founder of the institute and also the author of many books.

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