Frontline workers and professionals continued to protect and care for the rest of us during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are here today because of their work. To show our gratitude and support them in their post COVID-19 recovery, participating RCRT™s across Canada will be offering complimentary or discounted reflexology sessions to all frontline workers once services have resumed in their respective provinces.

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This campaign aims to show gratitude, give back to, and care for our frontline workers. If you wish to join this campaign, here are the next steps:

How Can I Participate?

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Visit the Reflexology Canada website.



Find a participating RCRT™ near you.

How to find a participating RCRT™ near you.

2. In the search bar type “Frontline Workers”
• OR click “Frontline Workers” under the category heading
• OR look for the listings with the “Frontline Workers” Logo

3. Narrow your search by province, city, etc.


If you’re a Frontline Worker:
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If you wish to support our frontline workers: Donate to A Participating RCRT™’s Campaign

Reflexology and Caregivers

Research has shown that that caregivers/support workers who received regular reflexology sessions reported the following benefits:

Decreased fatigue

Decreased anxiety

Decreased pain

More information can be found here

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Thank you to all participants for your service and support!