🔶 I understand that as a professional member of the Reflexology Association of Canada, residing and practicing in Canada, I must participate in the Continuing Education (CE) program.

🔶 I understand that I am obligated to successfully complete an annual mandatory continuing education activity to remain in good standing.

🔶 I understand that if I do not respect my continuing education responsibilities and requirements, my status will change to RCRT™ – Not in Good Standing.

🔶 I understand that if I do not successfully complete the annual mandatory continuing education activity on my first attempt, I may be obliged to complete additional learning modules. I also understand that there may be additional costs associated with this.

🔶 I understand that members not in good standing:

🔸 Cannot use the RCRT™ designation.

🔸 Are removed from RAC’s online referral directories (national and provincial)

🔸 Will not be vouched for when health or professional liability insurance firms check my standing with RAC.

🔸 And cannot represent RAC at events or on committees, working groups or boards.


🔶I understand that if I am not-in-good standing due to outstanding continuing education obligations, I must either complete those obligations or take and succeed the RCRT™ Exam to regain my good standing.