Online Courses

The following courses have been accredited by RAC for the RCRT Continuing Education Programme.

The number of credits that can be earned for each course is stated below.

Please check carefully to ensure that you follow the correct registration procedure as many of these courses require students to register directly and not through RAC.

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Anatomy & Physiology Course

Name of Course CEUs

Anatomy & Physiology Course: E Learn Canada College

12 CEUs

RAC Advanced Modules

Name of Course CEUs 
RAC Advance Modules 1: Gastro-Intestinal System

2 CEUs
RAC Advance Modules 5:  The Reproductive System

2 CEUs
RAC Advance Modules 8: The Dr Wikler Foot Assessment Method

2 CEUs
RAC Advance Modules 9: The Respiratory System

2 CEUs

Advanced modules can be purchased from RAC.


Name of Course CEUs
Advanced Clinical Assessment of the Reflexology Client (ACARC)

Sue Todd –

20 CEUs
Medical Terminology: Canadian Red Cross

9 CEUs
Open 2 Study courses 2 CEUs per module