I understand that completion of a reflexology course does not guarantee that I will meet the criteria for professional membership in the Reflexology Association of Canada.

I understand that I need to notify RAC once I have completed my course to determine my eligibility for professional membership.

I understand that, if I am eligible for professional membership, I will need to take the RCRT™ Exam (passing both its written and practical components) and upgrade my membership to become a professional member of RAC and obtain my RCRT™ designation.

Once I become a professional member, I understand that if I do not renew my professional membership within six (6) months of my membership expiration date, my membership will lapse, and I will no longer be able to use the RCRT™ designation for any purpose. At that time, to bring my membership to current status, I will have to pay a rejoining fee of $75 (or the current re-join fee set by the Association), an RCRT™ fee of $25 (or the current RCRT™ fee set by the Association), and a pro-rated professional membership fee (plus GST/HST).

If my Professional Membership lapses one (1) year or more, I understand that I will have to take and succeed the RCRT™ Exam to become a Professional Member once again.