Complying with Canada’s Anti Spam Law (CASL)

In these extraordinary times, many of us are working hard to find ways to stay connected with our clients. Email, newsletters, and text messages are wonderful means to this but, please remember that these communications are governed by Canada’s Anti Spam Law (CASL).

Three things to keep in mind:
1) You must obtain consent from any and all recipients of commercial messages before sending the message. This includes messages about online courses, meditations, sales on products, etc.
2) Confidentiality must be maintained for the recipients of your communications. If you use a newsletter service or software, this is usually a given but, if you are emailing a group of people, you have to conceal the recipient’s email addresses by using “bcc”.
3) Your message must include the following information somewhere in the email or in the signature:
your business name,
• a current mailing address,
• at least one of the following: a phone number, email address or website address,
• a readily accessible unsubscribe mechanism that is actioned within 10 business days at no
cost to the recipient.

Ensuring these three things will help you keep CASL Compliant while you stay in touch with your clients!

For more information, please see: