Be part of RAC’s Awards Committee


To further reflexology, the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC) aims to honour, and celebrate those who have made outstanding achievements in teaching, service, innovation, and research as well as distributing scholarship(s) to reflexology students.

This committee exists:

  • to set criteria for all awards and honours managed by RAC and submit them for approval to the Executive Director;
  • to receive and review all award applications; and
  • to recommend to the Executive Director the names for yearly recipient(s) as well as the amount(s) and/or prize(s) distributed for each award.

RAC awards are distributed to reflexology therapists in Canada and around the world regardless of their membership with RAC or any other organization.



The RAC Awards committee consists of 5–7 reflexology therapists including the chair that represent a cross-section of the reflexology community in Canada. Non-RAC members are invited to join the committee. International reflexology therapists are also welcome to participate.

The Executive Director or his appointee sits on the Committee as an Ex Officio member.



Committee members should have a general understanding of the Reflexology Association of Canada including its vision, mission, and values. These can be found at


Terms of Office

The term of the Committee Chair shall be two years, renewable once. The term of the committee members shall be two years, renewable twice (maximum six (6) years). All terms shall begin and end at the time of the Annual General Meeting.


Terms of Reference:

The Committee shall be responsible for:


RAC Scholarships—Pending

  • Developing, reviewing, and recommending changes to the guidelines and criteria for the RAC Scholarship fund.
  • Reviewing yearly applications.
  • Recommending to the Executive Director which applicants should receive a RAC scholarship.


RAC Annual Awards

  • Developing, reviewing and recommending changes to the guidelines and criteria for the RAC Annual Awards:
    • Excellence in Teaching Award
    • Innovation in Reflexology
    • Honorary Members
    • Reflexology Research
    • Chapter Star Awards
    • Irene Melynk Chapter Award
  • Recommending to the Executive Director appropriate award packages (trophy, plaque, certificate, etc.).
  • Reviewing yearly nominations and applications for the RAC Annual Awards.
  • Recommending to the Executive Director which nominee and/or application should receive a specific award in a given year.
  • Proposing the creation, elimination or amendment of awards.



  • Making recommendations to the Executive Director on the awarding of additional honorary memberships.
  • Assist RAC Head Office in organizing and structuring the Annual International Reflexology Awards Gala.


Time Commitment

Award Committee members should expect to dedicate around five (5) hours a month.




You are welcome to share this information with your reflexology network. RAC Members and non-members are welcome to sit on this committee.